Smoking Treatments

Are you interested in quitting smoking?
Do you smoke cigarettes daily?
Are you between the ages of 18-60?
You may be eligible for the following study.

Tenex Quit Smoking Study
We will be looking at how the medication Tenex influences smoking behavior. Tenex is a medication that has been used to treat blood pressure. You can earn up to $740 for your participation. (Yale HIC#0808004163).

We are looking at the effects of Tenex on smoking behavior. This medication is FDA-approved to treat blood pressure. There are three phases to the study. The first phase is called the screening phase, which is broken up into two appointments. Initially, you come in for two hours in order to determine your eligibility for the study.

During this time, you will be asked questions about your smoking and health history. You will receive $20 cash for this appointment. If you are eligible based on this appointment, you will be scheduled for a physical exam (about an hour of your time) for which you will receive another $20 cash. If you are eligible based on both of these appointments, you will be scheduled for the second phase of the study which consists of a 3 week medication period during which you will attend two brief (about 30 minutes) visits each week. You will then participate in 2 laboratory sessions. You will be randomly assigned to take Tenex or placebo (which is a sugar pill). The lab sessions will start at 8 am and end around 3:30 pm.

During this time, you will be smoking, filling out questionnaires and using the computer. When you are not doing anything for the study, you can relax, watch television, watch movies, read, or work on something you bring in (homework, crossword puzzles, hobby, etc.). Once you have completed the lab sessions, we will begin Phase 3 of the study and set a Quit Smoking Day. You will receive 4 weeks of counseling for your quit attempt and you’ll continue to take the medication during this time. You will then have follow up appointments with us 6 and 10 weeks after your Quit Smoking Day. You can earn up to $740 if you complete the study.

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